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Flying L's Class of '59

Ft. Lauderdale High School, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thanks to Howard Morehead and his son Steve for the above drawing.

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Well, hey! The 55th Reunion is over. 55 Souls gathered together on May 16/17 of 2014 to celebrate still being alive, also to keep alive the memory of those that have gone on before us, and to remember those of you that could not be there (for whatever reason) - we missed you. Good friends, good memories, good interaction, ok singing, and after all of these 55 years -- closure.

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DECEASED CLASSMATES - "In Memorium" as of 5/28/14

(final)LATEST EMAIL ADDRESS LIST -- as of 5/7/14

(final)CLASSMATES CONTACT INFO (Phone, Address, etc.) -- as of 5/7/14

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Checkout what Ed Delz has been up to!

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Ask him about his transplant!!

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I discovered a classmate living right next to me! Say hello to Carol SWEDROE Gent

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Look at Nancy SCHMIDT Hall's fantastic painting!

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Dave Fashenpour was interviewed in 2012 by Murray Bourne, on Murray's "squareCircleZ" Website.

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My Hometown -- dedicated to Broward County

Some new email about our classmates, Phil Pauze sent in the following:

Phil Pauze's Report on Bernard Simbari

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Bernard Simbari
Utah Artist

"Albert Whitehead is living the legend..."

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Listen to a Radio Interview about Real Estate -- interviewing Eleanor WERTZ Alpha

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"What did the fox say?"

Ohio University Marching 110 - The Fox - Ylvis

Check this out... a video of which road to take to the 55th Reunion

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We Got Movies!!

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Nancy ARNOTT Fishburn

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