WARNING: When the filter tubes are disconnected,
the gasoline stored in the filter will gush downward.

So if you are below, looking up, you may not
like what you are about to see. Be careful. Turn off
the gas shut-off valve before starting and get rid of
the puddle of gas from the filter. Also, to make the
job easier, you may want to remove the battery and
the seating compartment.

(I know you already know that...)

Post Script:

When the filter has been replaced, another problem pops-up.

Now that the fuel can flow freely, I was flooding-out easily!

I never had to turn off my gas-shut-off valve before, but I have
to now -- or I get too much gas to the carb. Once I got back into
the shut-off, turn-on thing... my bikes is great.
Just thought you'd like to know.

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Updated: August 8, 2006