The Dream; The Nightmare.©

© 2022 David R. Fashenpour, Melbourne, Florida

This is the true story about the Phenomenon and why it is here.
We will find out about the Cherry Pickers and what they want.
Alleged contacts with an entity, one that has always existed.
Story of Treaties, Denials, and Conspiracies.

Chapter #1: "Getting to Sleep"
First of Three Chapters for:
The Dream; The Nightmare.©

Chapter #1: "Getting to Sleep"

Chapter #2: "The Phenomenon"
Second of Three Chapters for:
The Dream; The Nightmare.©

Chapter #2: "The Phenomenon"

Chapter #3: "Abductions"
Last of Three Chapters for:
The Dream; The Nightmare.©

Chapter #3: "Abductions"

The Dream; The Nightmare.©
© 2022, 2023 David R. Fashenpour
Melbourne, Florida
All Rights Reserved.


Additional Information
Ingo Swann

Food for thought...

We exist because of our inabilities.

1. Our Primary set of inabilities restricts our sensory perceptions;
keeping us from sensing an existence that could not be comprehended.

(If we did not have these sensory restrictions, we would be committed
to a mental institution for sensing the existence of an invisible world.)

2. Our Secondary set of inabilities serve to harness cognitive adventures;
keeping us from experiencing concepts and/or lifeforms of imaginary worlds.

(To ensure that we can "make sense" out of mental imagery and abstract ideas
and not get lost in exotic planes of existence, with geometric shapes, etc.)

Both sets of these inabilities are a gift, without which we all would have
traded the sights & sounds of this world, for the sights & sounds of silence.

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